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The Proofreading Process

We accept files in most word-processing formats, including .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .ppt, .pptx and .pdf. Following an initial review by a project leader, your document will be passed to an academic proofreader with at least five years' experience of proofreading academic texts. If a plagiarism check is requested, we will use Turnitin to check for unoriginal content. Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism detection service that can find and highlight potential plagiarism in a document. We will then proceed to proofread and edit your document using MS Word Track changes. .


Microsoft Word Track Changes

Track Changes is feature of Word that allows you to see all the modifications our proofreaders have made  made in the text and formatting of your document, as well as detailed comments and feedback. All text that we have modified is underlined, and any additions or deletions made by our proofreaders are red in colour. Comments are displayed in pink balloons, and are linked to the text by pink highlights.

There are several ways to accept the changes we have suggested in your document. You can highlight and choose each change and accept them individually, or you can simply Accept All Changes at once, or Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking at the same time.

If you would rather not accept the suggested changes, you can use the Reject button and follow the same procedure as described above. All changes are yours to accept or reject.



The clean version of your document contains exactly the same edited content as the tracked version, but does not contain any proofreading or editing marks. If you are find the tracked version a little too confusing, you could ignore it and refer to only the clean version.

Quality assurance

A project leader will initially examine your document, and assign the task to an academic proofreader with expertise in your academic area.  The project leader will subsequently monitor  progress through to completion of your edited document. All work is continually evaluated by our quality assurance team.

Proofreading and review
proofread review track changes
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