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Our proofreaders will edit your journal article to ensure the overall structure, format and style conform to the requirements of the journal. We will use track changes and comments features in Word to make corrections and suggestions for enhancements.

Grammatical, lexical or spelling errors will also be corrected so that  your ideas are communicated clearly. Other areas to be addressed will include: 

  • Adherence to APA, Harvard or MLA , Chicago and MHRA styles 

  • Formatting of footnotes and endnotes, margins and graphics  

  • Legibility of equations, superscripts, and subscripts

  • Word appropriacy

  • Academic tone and style

  • Sentence and paragraph structure (including  run-ons and fragments)

  • Syntax and punctuation

  • Concision: removal of repetition and redundancy

  • Passive and active voice

  • Cohesion, coherence and unity 

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